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I’m Author Dave Cleinman. Some of you may know me from my internet marketing business(es). They are fun, but writing is my passion. At present I am living in west central Florida with my wife Katrina and son Jordan. I write, I consult for businesses, and I market high quality products

Let’s face it, Economic problems, unemployment, foreclosures, overzealous airport security, a bickering and ineffective government, ever growing world instability, and simple personal issues that require our attention when our energy is already low combine to make life seem like a perpetual uphill battle. People are getting more and more discouraged and worried, and there seems [...]

Your mindset allows for control of all of these things and will keep you doing the right things at all times. It will give you the fortitude to stick things out when they become difficult. It will allow you to dump your pride when things go wrong and make essential changes to marketing strategy, promotion, or even choosing different products or opportunities to promote if you make poor choices at the start. Our mindset is the glue that binds our commitment to our actions.

I learned today that someone searched my blog for those terms, word for word. I am not a scam, and anyone who has read my posts and done a little research should know a scam when they see one.

Making plans and setting goals is not a difficult process, and can always be tweaked and adjusted as needed. There is a tremendous amount of information regarding how to do this all over the internet and in print. As with any major life change, getting started is the hardest part.